When the penetration rate is 75% (6 pairs of 4 and a half), 15% of the cards are about true 1. If the card counter does not skip the bet for true 1, then true 2 will bet at +0.5% instead of 0.75%, accumulating day by day. Must earn a lot less.

If you bet at $10,000 and bet at a $10 table, you should still only bet $10 if you bet at half Kelly, and if you bet at 0.75%, you should bet 28.5 yuan. If you only bet (according to 0.5 %) 19 yuan long-term profit will be reduced by 1/3!

If you play a $100 gambling table with a $500,000 bet, you can bet 475 yuan for a real one. If you don’t skip the bet, you will earn $10 less for the real one in one hour…

One year less than 18,000 US dollars.

Dripping Water Through The Stone, Can The Value Of 0.25% Be Careless?

When losing. What should I do if I lose 70,000 US dollars in 3 hours?

The turnover was 21 and the turnover was US$8,000, and the big names swarmed out. The dealer returned 20 points and the turnover to zero, the yards were empty, and the loss was US$30,000. How to do?

If you play long enough and big enough, you will definitely encounter the above scenes… and more than once.

How can you lose big money when you get a good hand and place a big bet?

Losing big money is when you play big, that is, when you have a good hand!

Take a look at the following winning and losing records. I won nearly 50,000 US dollars in 3 days. I was overjoyed. The situation changed in 3 hours. I lost nearly 50,000 US dollars in 8 days.

What To Do When Summarizing?


50,000 US dollars is 10% of a 500,000 bet, 8,000 US dollars in one hand, 50,000 US dollars only equals 6 bets.

Faced with a true 8 card (basic loss rate is 0.25%, true 8’s return rate is about 3.75%), if you buy 100 hands of 8,000 USD, you will have a total of 800,000 USD. The expected return is 30,000, and there is a 17% chance of losing 58,000 USD. Above (the standard deviation is about 11%, or US$88,000).

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